Cross-sector & integrated emergency and availability management for the last phase of life in inpatient long-term care


Bianca Steiner

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G-BA Innovationsausschuss


Continuous care is important for elderly people with complex geriatric syndromes and palliative patients.

Negative stress, disorientation and deterioration of existing pathologies are possible consequences of a professional transport from nursing facilities to hospitals. Especially elderly people with complex geriatric syndromes and palliative patients are at high risk of being affected by these consequences. In addition, living wills in nursing homes are often neglected. This leads to the implementation of life-prolonging measures against the patient's wishes.

The aim of the NOVELLE project is to improve the self-determination of people in need of long-term care in the final phase of their lives. The number of emergency services and hospital admissions are aimed to be reduced, too. For this purpose, the project team develops emergency algorithms for all professional groups on a legal, ethical and scientific basis. Afterwards, these algorithms will be tested in cooperating care facilities over a one-year period.


3,5 years
August 1st 2019 - January 31st 2023


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