General aim

In the area of mHealth, we focus on various aspects of using mobile technologies in medical contexts. This includes research related to medical applications (apps), but also covers so called smartdevices such as smartphones, tablet pcs, smart glasses as well as smart watches and smart glasses.

Our aim is to contribute towards safe use of mobile technologies in medical and health related contexts that can benefit all stakeholders, i.e. patients as well as medical professionals. While not downplaying the potentials mobile technologies offer for medicine, this also includes raising awareness of possible pitfalls and problems users may come across when employing such technologies.

Among others, our research covers the following topics:

Focus of research

Beside dealing theoretically with the ethical and legal aspects of using mobile devices and the accompanying applications, we also take a close look at practical issues and various apps are being developed within our mHealth related projects to evaluate and refine the hypotheses we generate.