Accident & Emergency Informatics (A&EI)

Accident & Emergency Informatics (A&EI)

General aim

Accident & emergency informatics (A&EI) is a novel and trans-disciplinary science of systematic collecting and managing medical data (e.g., electronic health records) as well as sensor data from the human environment (e.g., acceleration sensors in the vehicle), their syntactic and semantic integration and their analytics, in order to forecast, prevent, or lower the impact of such events on the subject.

Therefore, the core mission of A&EI is saving lives – on the one hand by combining and jointly analyzing medical and non-medical data, and on the other hand by involving decision makers, actors, and stakeholders from politics, infrastructure and health management, and industry.

Focus of research

A&EI research is focused on the conception (syntactic and semantic interoperability), implementation (at least on the prototype level), and operation (at least as a field experiment) of sensor-enriched medical information systems. Our research is addressing the following tasks:

A&EI-relevant information systems that are focused at PLRI are related to a stack of application areas: