Health-Enabling Technologies (HET)

Health-Enabling Technologies (HET)

General aim

In the field of research health-enabling technologies (HET) we are engaged in the development and analysis of information and communication technologies for creating sustainable conditions for self-sufficient and self-determined lifestyles. In this context, sensor-enhanced health information systems are of great importance.
The aim is to enhance the individual quality of life by utilizing advanced health-enabling technologies, while sustaining the efficiency of health care.
We work on health-enabling technologies that systematically process data, information, and knowledge on an individual's state of health to conserve or improve her or his well-being.
Thus sustainable conditions for an active, self-contained and self-sufficient life should be created, while informational self-determination and data privacy are preserved.

Focus of research

Our research focuses on the human being (typically with future functional impairments) in her/his everyday life.


Additional information

The field of research comprises the following:

These methods and technologies need powerful networking against the background of organization structures in healthcare that may change.

The development and investigation of such infrastructures are part of this research.

Target groups of health-enabling technologies are on the one hand the patients, their relatives or persons of trust, and on the other hand the healthcare professionals.