Medical Learning Lab

General aim

At the Hanover Medical School (MHH) the Peter L. Reichertz Institute has established a stable infrastructure for using of digital learning resources The technical basis for this service are the learning management system ILIAS and the content management system Medical Schoolbook. In addition to didactic consultancy and training courses on ILIAS, the service offering for MHH teachers also includes the realization of educational films.

Focus of research

ILIAS in Student Teaching

The model study program HannibaL was introduced at the MHH in the academic year 2005/06. At the same time the learning platform (ILIAS) was established for the medical degree program. By now, all degree courses at the MHH use this learning platform, as well as the library, the Skills Lab, the MHH Alumni e.V. and the AStA of the MHH.

ILIAS is an acronym for Integrated Learning, Information and Collaboration System and allows users to access a variety of multimedia learning resources and materials and a variety of web-based communication channels in one centralized system.

ILIAS in Continuing Education

As part of the project eLearning in Continuing Education, the learning management system ILIAS was established for all MHH employees to access digital learning opportunities. By providing web-based learning materials and resources, employees are able to better align their learning plans with their individual interests, skills, and available time. In addition, eLearning provides hospital management with the opportunity to conduct customized education and training.

Medical Schoolbook

With the Medical Schoolbook eLearning opportunities can be design that take into account the special features and requirements of medical education. For example, case collection for for case based learning can be create or learning resources can be linked semantically. Furthermore, a unique feature allows the use of gigapixel images for medical teaching purposes.
The Medical Schoolbook was first designed in the eLearning projects TT-Net and ELAN. It is published under the open source license GPL.
Contact: Dr. Thomas Kupka

Educational Film Production

Educational films are playing an increasingly important role in medical education and training, and are used in a wide variety of fields and specialities of health care. Through videos, medical procedures, examination methods or medical symptoms can presented in a way that is easier to understand than through individual images or textual descriptions. The educational film production of the PLRI produces professional learning material in cooperation with the teachers of the MHH. In addition to lecture recordings and e-lectures, educational films of varying complexity and in variety of formats are realized.
Contact: Gerald Stiller


Additional information

Dr. Jörn Krückeberg
Dr. Thomas Kupka
Dipl.-Kult.Päd. Gerald Stiller
Julian Fisher
Dr. Nicole Hechtel
Kevin Meyer