2018-10-09: IMIA Working Group on Accident & Emergency Informatics

On the IMIA General Assembly in Sri Lanka, a new Working Group has been established

During the General Assembly Meeting of the International Medical Informatics Association, Prof. Deserno of PLRI Braunschweig, Germany, presented his ideas on accident & emergency informatics, a novel field of medical informatics. The bid was supported by 13 founding members representing the Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics (APAMI), the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI), the Regional Federation of Health Informatics for Latin America and the Caribbean (IMIA LAC), the
IMIA North America, and the Middle East Association for Health Informatics (MEAHI). Interested subjects are very welcome to join, please contact Prof. Deserno at thomas.deserno@plri.de.

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