2021-10-13: Dr. Reinhold Haux's Farewell Lecture during ICIMTH 2021 at October 16th, 3 pm (CEST)

During ICIMTH 2021, Dr. Reinhold Haux will give his farewell lecture in English language.

The one-hour session with Dr. Reinhold Haux's keyword lecture on "Reflections Towards the Future of Medical Informatics - A Farewell Lecture after Almost Half a Century of Biomedical and Health Informatics Activities" due to his recent retirement will take place on Saturday, October 16th, at 4 pm Athens time (EEST) or 3 pm German Time (CEST).

Details can be found at the ICIMTH conference web site: icimth.com.

The YouTube link to this session is: youtube.com/channel/UCkMCT8J5tONXT0u8ofClprA.

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