PM4Onco - Personalized Medicine for Oncology

PM4Onco - Personalized Medicine for Oncology

Personalised Medicine for Oncology


Matthias Gietzelt

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The PM4Onco Project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the national ”Medical Informatics Initiative" with approx. 10 million euros, of which of which around 450 thousand euros have been made available to the MHH (promotional referrence: 01ZZ2322G).


PM4Onco aims to establish a sustainable infrastructure to enable the integration and exchange of data from clinical and biomedical research. This forms the basis for establishing personalized medicine in cancer treatment.

The expertise and previous work of all four consortia of the Medical Informatics Initiative and the oncological centers of excellence in Germany are combined.

The data provided in PM4Onco is prepared in an appropriate form to support decision-making in molecular tumor boards. By combining data and applying innovative technologies, the aim is to gain new insights and optimize the effectiveness of treatment in order to ultimately achieve better clinical outcomes and cancer treatment to significantly improve the healthcare of cancer patients.
This concept and the associated infrastructure will be implemented in all 23 participating centers.

PM4Onco creates an alliance between the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII), oncology centers of excellence, clinical cancer registries, young scientists, patients and citizens to strengthen personalized cancer medicine.

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