Gamification Increasing Motivation for Rehabilitation


Bianca Steiner


Rehabilitation as a cross-sectoral process includes the whole treatment of a patient from the diagnosis to acute treatment – conventional or surgical – to inpatient or outpatient medical and/or vocational rehabilitation, frequently in different healthcare institutions. This also includes preventive measures, complementary measures and alternative medicine, as well as sub-processes such as the application of rehabilitation services, the reimbursement of costs, and the access to individual services. Lack of self-interest and intrinsic motivation, as well as a lack of knowledge about one’s own disease, therapy and its risks contributes to insufficient skills of patients to participate in the ongoing decisions of their care and, thus, (early) discontinued or sporadically kept rehabilitation processes

The GISMOR-projects aims to develop a holistic appraoch to customer-induced orchestration of rehabilitation services using the gamification concept. The general idea of the GISMOR-appraoch is to give patients the possibility to easily navigate themselves through the entire rehabilitation process (guidance). Therby, they will be supported and motivated by providing information and expertise about their own disease and therapy (education) as well as by using various game design elements (fun und rewards). Through this playful enhancement of patients' self-management skills, an overall increase in motivation and patient empowerment and, thus, adherence in the rehabilitation process should be achieved. Ultimately, the developed approach shall serve as a basis for the implementation of several application systems supporting patients playfully during the entire rehabilitation process.



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